A Commencement of Leadership and Legacy

Student Council Oath Taking Ceremony 2024-2025:

The solemn oath-taking ceremony for the Student Council of the academic session 2024-2025 was conducted on May 9, 2024, marking a significant milestone in the council’s journey. This event not only heralds the beginning of a new era of student leadership but also reinforces the council’s role in enhancing the educational and leadership landscape of our institution.

Inauguration and Legacy

The ceremony commenced with a profound prayer, setting a tone of establishing a tone of solemnity and commitment for the proceedings. Mrs. Charlotte, the respected coordinator for the junior school, initiated the event by lighting a candle as she is the doing the pastoral work for the students. This act symbolized the passage of responsibility and legacy to the new generation of leaders, entrusting them with the mantle of guiding their peers towards excellence.

Mrs. Noreen Silas, our respected vice principal proudly announced the names of the newly elected members of the Student Council who were presented with sashes and badges in accordance with their designated responsibilities by our respected Principal.

Oath Taking and Pledge of Commitment

In this distinguished gathering, our revered Principal Sr. Akhtar administered the oath to the newly elected Student Council members. The students pledged to strive for success in all academic pursuits and to conduct themselves with respect towards their peers, faculty, and the school community at large. They solemnly vowed to uphold the dignity of their academic pursuit and contribute positively to the welfare of the community, thereby upholding the values and honour of the institution.

Gratitude and Vision

On behalf of the Student Council the newly elected Head girl Tabeel Alam, Vice Head girl Rimal Rizwan, Kezia Flavion, house captain of Nano Nagle, Ruman Ikram, house captain of Fatima Jinnah, Hurma Iqbal, house captain of Mother Teresa and Eliana Ater, house captain of Asma Jahangir presented tokens of love and thankfulness to the Principal Sr. Akhtar, Vice Principal Mrs. Noreen Silas, Sister Monica, Mrs. Saira Adeel, Mrs. Ashi and Mrs Charlotte respectively for their unwavering support and guidance.

The Head-girl Tabeel Alam shared her vision and determination to steer the council towards achieving its goals, reflecting a deep commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive school environment.

Words of Wisdom and Celebration

Our beloved Principal Sr. Akhtar delivered an inspiring address, imparting words of wisdom and encouragement to the students. Her message emphasized the importance of leadership, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence. The ceremony was further invigorated by performances from students of the classes four and seven, who displayed their talents with enthusiasm and vigour, captivating the gathering.


The ceremony concluded with the rendition of the national anthem, signifying the end of a memorable event that promises a year of dynamic leadership and collaborative achievements. The oath-taking ceremony was not only a testament to the students’ readiness to embark on their leadership journey but also a reaffirmation of the Student Council’s pivotal role in shaping a conducive learning atmosphere and representing the voice of the student body.