Art Therapy for Teachers

The school administration organized the staff training program on 26th March 2024. The principal of our school Sr. Akhtar Buta started the meeting formally with the prayer session thanking God for all his blessings  and ask for strength and courage  in the new session.

In the first session of the meeting  school rules and  service rules were revised with the staff and all the staff members signed the code of conduct.

Teachers play an important role  in the child protection. Vice Principal, Mrs. Noreen Silas discussed the Child Safeguarding Policy with the staff as the  child protection policy plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and well-being of students.

The second session was about Art therapy which was led by Ar. Shantal Silas and Associates. The art therapy was an effective  treatment for all the staff members. Art therapy focuses the idea that artistic expressions may assist all the participants in restoring and improving one’s mood. Miss Shantal did a lot if activities which were beneficial for all the Teachers  in improving  their self-awareness, social connection and emotional regulation, and has also lessened the levels of distress.

On 27th March,  the meeting was started formally with the prayer. The school  administration organized the Integrated music workshop to enhance the academic performance and to nurture the creativity ,critical thinking and emotional intelligence. Integrated music workshop was conducted  by Mr Phineahs and Hannah. In the workshop they explained that adding  music into education can enhance the growth of brain. They discussed that music is extremely important subject for all the children to lead to better brain development and to stress relief. Using songs as a memory aid can be a valuable teaching asset.